Impress (Formerly OMS-500)

Flexible and powerful multichannel output management software

 Quadient Impress is a user-friendly, cloud-based, and scalable platform that automates your entire customer communication workflow to help you meet business challenges now and in the future. Quadient Impress gives you the flexibility to send transactional documents via any combination of channels - Print, Digital or Outsource depending on which delivery channels make the most sense for your organization and your customers' preferences. Whether you choose to support batch output from your back-office systems or generate individual communications from your desktop, Quadient Impress gives you complete control over all your outbound documents.


Designed for the modern business, which requires the ability to support both legacy systems and processes, Quadient Impress’ best-in-class suite of services provides organizations the agility to respond and adapt quickly to customer, regulatory and environmental demands. Organizations of all sizes will have the peace of mind that business-critical communications will continue to flow.