Tax system solution

Corinne Gonin

Protect, secure and modernize tax revenues from fiscal stamps

Discover or learn more about the Quadient solution that help public and private organizations to comply with fiscal revenue protection.

The Tax System solution is described in this section through different supports: white paper, presentation and testimonials. 


Extract from the white paper:

"The real challenge for Quadient is to find ways of supporting Governments to be more open and transparent. Taking notice of corruption and recognizing linked issues are only first steps towards a solution. Governments are doing a lot to tackle corruption through robust anti-corruption programmes.

To protect, secure and modernize tax revenue flow from fiscal stamps, our expertise in Tax Systems is based on the analysis of initiatives and leading projects we have undertaken for different worldwide tax applications cases..."




Tax system Web Portal 

A secure Web portal to track and trace fiscal revenues

To make the Tax System Solution complete, Quadient has developed a web portal allowing responsible Authorities to get a dedicated and secured access on their revenues’ collection.

This easy-to-use and friendly Human–Computer Interaction (HCI) allows Governmental authorities to access different data enabling convenient statistics treatment. 

This platform is one of the solution’s key, users’ mobility is enhanced by the possibility to access the platform on a tablet and/or a Smartphone.